Newsletter #10

Published Ebooks!

Hi there.

I hope you’re all in good health and good spirits during these challenging times. I’m trying to stay positive and focus on my work. The world could always use more sexy stories, right?

Now that I have ten short stories finished I decided to put them in a collection and publish on a few sites. The idea for the first story Trouble Comes Twice, comes from Casanova, the first story published by MyErotica. I started to revise it and ended up with a whole new story! Some have been revised and in some cases expanded from their original versions, and others are mostly unchanged.

I’ve also published Demon Dreams— an erotic novella. This one is pure fun— complete escape from reality. We all need that, right? I’m considering writing a sequel to this one some time next year.

(Sorry, no Amazon for this one. They didn’t like it. I now know what not to put in the description!)

Wishing you all a happy November. Stay safe out there!

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